Brightening Skincare

Unveil the luminous glow with the new EVERSOFT Skinz Blossom White. With 6x brightening boosting effect, this new brightening skincare range targets dark spots and improves skin clarity. Formulated in Japan specially for Asian skin, EVERSOFT Skinz Blossom White uses Japanese technology to harness the efficacies of 100% Plant Actives from brightening ingredients such as Sakura, Shiitake and Uji Tea along with the power packed skincare ingredient Vitamin C. Achieve a healthy glow and exude radiance with supple and brighter skin!
SAKURA EXTRACT / Evens out skin tone for radiant, translucent skin
SHIITAKE EXTRACT / Helps trigger skin lightening process
UJI TEA EXTRACT / Helps renew and repair skin from damage caused by UV rays and free radicals